Breathing Plie.

How to execute a Plie from ‘Dance Anatomy’ by Jacqui Greene Haas.

1. Stand in a firm turned out position with arms by your sides.  Locate your neutral position.  On inhalation through the nose, move into demi-plie while still focusing on axial elongation.  Balance your weight evenly throughout your feet.  The pelvis remains in a neutral position, and there is an eccentric lengthening of the pelvic floor.

2. With forced exhalation through the mouth, begin the upward phase. As the lungs and ribs return, engage the deep abdominal and feel the pelvic floor contracting.  Visualize the ischium pulling together as well as the coccyx and pubic bone pulling together.

3.  At the top (completion) of the plie, hold for 3 seconds and focus on neutral spine placement and an isometric contraction of the pelvis floor. Repeat 4-6 times.  Allow the rhythm of the breathing with the plie to energize your body.

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