Breathing With Port de Bras.


Start Position.                                              Arms in second position.                                           Last position.

My Dance Anatomy book is my favourite resource because it explains many stretches and exercises.  If you’re looking for a great dance book I recommend buying this book called “Dance Anatomy” by Jacqui Greene Haas.  The dance position I’m going to be discussing from the anatomy book is Breathing with Port de Bras.

Execution of a Port de Bras:

1. Stand comfortably in a wide second position.  Focus on neutral alignment and provide a firm base for your balance.  Before beginning, feel the arms lengthening by your sides and sense of relaxation around your neck and shoulders.  Neatly stack your spinal curves in top of each other and feel a gentle lift through your waist.

2. As you begin to inhale through your nose, open your arms to second and continue to lift them to high fifth.  Feel the rib cage expanding with air.  When the arms are overhead, focus on the weight of the arms moving down the spine to release tension in the neck and shoulders.

3. Hold that position briefly and notice how relaxed the back of your neck is.  Exhale through your nose as you bring the arms down by your sides, allowing the lungs and ribs to return.  Repeat this 4-6 times; inhale 4 counts and exhale 8 counts.

Try this excercise with your dance class!

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