Correct Ballet Turnout Video.

YouTube can also be a great resource to visually see technique, combinations or lessons being demonstrated.  I found a video on YouTube about how to teach your students correct turnout.  This video shows teachers and instructors what to focus on when teaching your students how to properly turnout in ballet while doing bar work or other things.  The instructor in the video talks about certain muscles that need to be stretched and where the tension should and should not be when you are turning out. I heard the instructor say something that caught my attention,  he said that by looking at your students feet while they turn out it may appear as though they are doing it correct but you have to be sure to check the posture of their body so that their back isn’t arched like a banana and that their pelvic bones are turned in.  I also talked about some of this in my ‘locating neutral’ page under ‘Lesson Plan for Stretch class.’  Please watch the video yourself at:

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