Attitude Lift

Again I’m going to be discussing a technique exercise from my Dance Anatomy book by Jacqui Greene Haas.  Today I’m going to teach you how to instruct your students to execute an attitude lift.

  1. First off get your students to lay on the floor on their side with their arm straight out along the floor and their bottom leg straight against the floor. Then get them to lift their leg through their spine bending it and creating a 90 degree angle. Tell them to engage the deep abdominal along both sides of their body.
  2. Remaining comfortable turn your thigh inward for 2 counts staying in attitude. Turn the thigh out for 2 counts.  Repeat for 2 sets.  Make sure you separate your thigh from your pelvis. Also be sure to only move your thigh not your spine and pelvis.
  3. While turning the thigh out, elevate your thigh toward your shoulder by coordinating the contraction of the deep low external rotator.  Continue the contraction to increase the turnout of the thigh as the leg goes higher.

SAFETY TIP:  Avoid movement of the pelvis; secure the lower spine.

You could also try exercises such as Dance focus and the Kneeling Attitude Lift.

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