Hamstring Lift.

Another great Jazz stretch comes from a book called ‘Dance Anatomy’ by Jacqui Greene Haas.  I write about this book alot because it is a great resource to imrove flexibilty, muscular strength and tone. Here is a hamstring lift that will help you with your jazz jumps.

1. Lie facedown with your hands under your forehead and legs slightly turned out (you will later repeat the exercise in parallel).  Elongate and lengthen through the entire spine.  Inhale to prepare.

2. As you exhale, focus on the contraction of the hamstrings with the deep abdominals and elevate one leg; only lift the leg approximately 10 degrees but maintain a neutral position of the pelvis.

3. Feel the hamstrings and abdominals working together against the resistance of the pelvis wanting to move into an anterior tilt.  Hold for 4 counts.  As you inhale, slowly return the leg with control.  Repeat 12 times turned out in parallel.

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