The Basics.

I was searching Jazz dance today on the web and found a site that lists the main jazz steps in dance and also has videos to demonstrate some of them.  This site would be a great resource to use in a class room setting because it shows you how to get started when teaching jazz.  The steps that are listed on the site are Jazz Square, Isolations, Chasse, Jazz Layout and Jazz walk.  The website explains a Jazz Square can be used in groups and usually involves the upper body moving with attitude.  The next step that is discussed is Isolations, isolations are used to help a student become aware of their body movements and will help your students establish their body individuality.  The Chasse is a jazz step that is very commonly used in dance routines for a transition step.  Also Jazz layouts can be used as a transition step but is more commonly used after a transition step.  The last Jazz step is the Jazz walk, the Jazz walk can be used in many different places of a dance routine for example instead of just walking off stage during a dance routine dancers will do a Jazz walk to keep the energy flowing and adds an attitude to a dance routine when existing the stage.

Here are pictures of my showing a Jazz Square, Isolations, Chasse, Jazz Layout and Jazz walk:

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