Musical Theatre Choreography.

Musical theatre as shown on this site is one of the more challenging arts to teach.  This art is challenging to teach because you have to multi task by singing dancing and acting.  On this site there are five instructions involved and I will give you  summary of each.

  1. Explain the background/history of the play or song so that your students are well aware of how to portray their character so that they are can set a goal for themselves while in this role.
  2. Next assign each student with a character that best suits their skills, abilities and talent.  Then assign each group a colour, make sure you don’t number the groups because it may cause confusion.
  3. Instruct students their parts of the dance individually and learn/practice the chorus all together.  It is best to teach the dance routine in counts of eight.  Repeat the combination often and in its entirety from the beginning so the  performers understand how the dance steps lead into one another.
  4. If a student is have issues with learn a step or a section of the dance routine be sure to pull them aside and give them individual help/instruction. If a step turns out to be too difficult make sure you simplify the step so that the steps are sharp and clean.
  5. After your students have memorized the dance routine then you should join all the groups together to form the number that will be performed as a group all together on stage.  Once the group practices the number on stage make sure you solve any issues involving tranitions and formations.  Then when all the dance is put together and is running mootly you can try it with the music on stage.
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